Rocktown Australia – Toowoomba 2nd Range Crossing

Following amendments to the Code for Tendering and Performance of Building Work, it has never been so important for industry businesses to be proactive in terms of legal obligations and requirements. As the standards stipulated in the code are sufficient to work on government and Commonwealth developments, engaging a code-compliant company to support you and your team can greatly assist with ensuring the overarching safety of your project and its advancement – allowing you peace of mind in relation to all aspects of conduct, procedure and practices.

To illustrate some of the significant works we’ve done for governmental organisations, let’s have a look at an ongoing project taking place in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is the largest Australian Government funding commitment to a single road project in Queensland’s history. The $1.6 billion project is a 41km road bypass route to the north of Toowoomba. When finished, it will connect the Warrego Highway at Helidon Spa in the east to the Gore Highway at Athol in the west via Charlton.

CPS were contacted by Rocktown Australia to assist with the construction of the Toowoomba second range crossing that will allow heavy vehicle highway traffic to bypass the town. Throughout the construction process, CPS were involved in the provision of scaffold labour to maintain code compliant access to the climbing formwork. The team worked a total of 2,500 hours on site incident and injury free to ensure the project was finished on time.

Whatever your business, if you’re looking to hire scaffolding materials and skilled labourers from a code-compliant company, the CPS team have the specialist knowledge required to deliver a tailored solution for your business.

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