Project Certainty with Commercial Project Services

With the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games now behind us, the local Gold Coast area is experiencing a new kind of boom, specifically in the southern areas of the coast. Our goal at Commercial Project Services is not only to assist in existing projects but help lead the way for the future projects of our local community.

With many post-Comm Games building projects now green-lit and in the works, we realise the increase in needs for scaffolding solutions and supply, as well as a skilled labour force to pull it off.

Access to Supplies

One major issue regarding this most recent Gold Coast building boom is the pressure to supply enough gear for current and upcoming scaffolding projects. Fortunately, we have now opened a convenient new location in in Murwillumbah, with quicker access in and out of the Southern Gold Coast. We also have access to over 30,000 tonnes of scaffolding equipment from major suppliers, allowing us to meet the demand more quickly, reliably and safely when it comes to transport times to and from work sites.

Ease of Hiring Equipment

Though there are some benefits to buying your own scaffolding equipment, especially when managed by an expert team, however, the real positive of hiring equipment from CPS is that we take care of everything for you, from transport to ensuring proper solutions for custom scaffold designs and more.

Priority of Safety

Our top priority is delivering your project on time, on budget, and with zero risk of harm. With each project, we properly review the site to identify potential risks, as well as inspect our equipment on a regular basis, prepare the foundations, keep our area and supplies organised, ensure all of our staff are highly trained and experienced, adhere to all local regulations and load capacity guidelines, and always use guardrails. These factors are not something to leave to chance, so we highly recommend you leave it to us for peace of mind.


Your decision to partner with a code-compliant company, such as Commercial Project Services, is highly recommended unless you want to risk possible delays, fines and safety risks. It not only assists in reigning in all aspects of conduct, procedure and practices, but ensures your next scaffolding solution goes off without an easily-avoidable hitch.

New industrial manslaughter laws were recently put in place in Queensland, acting as a stark reminder that workplace health and safety protocols are not to be taken lightly. With CPS, you can rest assured that you’re working with a well-respected and trusted company that puts professionalism and safety first.

One Step Ahead

We realise that with greater demand comes greater responsibility, which is why we are always one step ahead with regards to the latest legislation changes and updates for our clients and community. Beginning just last month, for example, the new Labour Hire Licensing Act of 2017 states that labour hire providers must now apply for a license before June 15th to continue operating in Queensland. Under new laws, entering in an arrangement with a provider who does not hold a license could now result in a fine of $378,000+ for corporations and $130,000+ for individuals. The risk definitely isn’t worth the reward, which is why CPS is a smart and safe solution for your next project.

For more info or for a customised quote for your upcoming project, contact Commercial Project Services today on 07 3105 2831 or info@commercialprojectservices.com