Our Commitment to Safety

Commercial Project Services (CPS) pride ourselves on core values of zero harm and continuous improvement, reflection and innovation, integrity and accountability and a three-pronged integrated management system involving compliance, hazard reduction and safety leadership.

We feel it’s important to reiterate some of these core values and how they are consistently integrated into everything we do.

Queensland has some of the most rigorous safety legislation in the country, something that should undoubtedly become mandatory across the country. As a leading supplier of scaffolding in Queensland, we make it our mission to not only meet the obligations of this legislation but exceed it wherever possible to ensure a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Zero Harm & Continuous Improvement

Everything we do is based around the notion of supporting our employees, contractors, partners and communities by providing the safest possible working environment. Through a deeply ingrained culture of continuous improvement, our team are dedicated to learning from our experiences, and of others in our industry, to ensure that each and every person involved with our site is protected from harm.

As part of our zero-harm ethos, we also take measures to consistently minimise our impact to the property on which we are working and, by extension, the communities in which we operate. We strongly believe that commercial works can take place without any negative impacts, and we ensure this remains true through our commitment to this core value.

Reflection & Innovation

To ensure we are able to consistently improve our processes, CPS take the time to reflect on what has been achieved and any ways in which our practices may have been improved. This we do to help refine the way we operate and to better educate our staff and contractors. As this process is completed, we integrate new and innovative practices into our business to ensure we are getting safer and more efficient with every job.

Integrated Management System

With an unfailing focus on zero harm to people, property and the places in which we work, Commercial Project Services developed an industry-leading integrated management system to ensure that everything we do aligns with this goal.


As the initial phase of our management system, CPS believe that every workplace should be, at very least, code compliant. To achieve absolute compliance within our business, our management team continually work to stay abreast of any legislation or code of practice changes to ensure we consistently adhere to the latest recommendations.

Hazard Reduction

While being compliant is undoubtedly essential to our industry, CPS take this a step further to ensure that any potential hazards are considered, planned for and mitigated prior to commencement. With the varying nature of every job site, it’s critical to assess all variables encountered on every project to ensure a reduction in hazards to the best of our ability. As duty holders of worker health and safety, we take nothing more seriously than on-site risk minimisation.

Safety Leadership & Partnership

On-site safety is the responsibility of every worker. We believe it would be impossible to ensure absolute risk mitigation if this critical task was left to one key team member. For this reason, we ensure that every one of our employees and contractors take it upon themselves to provide safety leadership and partnership while on our scaffolding sites.

What are we doing on-site to ensure absolute safety?

Upholding our core values of zero harm and continuous improvement means that we are consistently searching for innovative methods of ensuring on-site safety. At present, some of the primary steps taken by our team to support workplace health and safety include:

Frequent inspection of all stock

Owing to the nature of the scaffolding industry, it is impractical to consider the use of new stock for every project. Thus, inspection of all scaffolding stock is undertaken without fail prior to erection on a new site. 

Galvanized stock for rust minimisation

To mitigate the risk of premature rust or corrosion, CPS uses only galvanised stock with a zinc coating to protect the base metal. This means that any galvanised stock will retain durability for a longer period of time.

Minimisation of dew point corrosion

Rain and cold weather can produce condensation that weakens the inside of metal piping (dew point corrosion), presenting safety hazards and a quicker turnover in stock. To ensure the safety of anyone who comes into contact with our worksites, CPS ensure that, when coating our equipment, all stock is dipped (not sprayed) with high-quality and rust-preventative paint. This ensures the inside of any tube is treated and maintained against rusting from the inside out.

 Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our workers, contractors, clients and members of the public that come into contact with our work sites. To learn more about our safety practices or to discuss a partnership opportunity for your next project, get in touch with us today on 07 3105 2831.