Our Business Mission

CPS is on a mission to provide the safest, most reliable and most effective scaffolding solutions in the country. We do this not only to ensure the best possible service to our clients but to ensure better work environments for all our workers. By aligning our actions with the following key values, CPS is on the path to achieving our mission.

Integrity and Accountability

At the core of our operation, CPS is dedicated to ethical business practices and consistently operates with reliability and integrity. We offer our clients upfront and honest reporting while nurturing a philosophy of accountability on all our projects. This filters throughout our entire operation, meaning that management, staff and contractors all own their actions and outcomes.

Help Everyone & Harm No-one

Everything we do is in service of our mission for zero harm and continuous improvement. Despite the nature of our industry, we believe that we can carry out every project without creating negative impact or harm to employees, communities and the environment in which we operate. We also endeavour to learn from each and every experience we have, supporting the notion of continuous improvement among our operation. This we do in the hope of building safer and more effective workflows that minimise disruption to the community while creating better employment for our workers.

Reflection and Innovation

Reflection and innovation is key to improving the way we operate as a business. Through reflecting on both positive and negative experiences, our team of managers, tradesmen and contractors are able to learn and improve on the day before. This means that we can continue to build a safer and more efficient service for our customers.

Integrated Management System

In service of our goal of zero harm, CPS has implemented an integrated management system that allows us to function in the safest manner possible. To us, nothing is more important than the safety and efficiency of our worksites, which is why we developed our 3-pronged management system focussed around compliance, hazard reduction and safety leadership & partnership.

Consistently Resilient

Regardless of contingency planning processes, construction is a game where you can never fully anticipate outcomes. Forces outside of our control are constantly changing the way we act and react to any given project. Whether it be due to client modifications, legislative changes or weather-related incidents, unexpected challenges frequently arise, and we need to be resilient in order to positively react to potentially negative circumstances. To ensure we are able to meet the everyday challenges of our industry, CPS pride ourselves on our resilience and our ability to work with clients to devise best-case outcomes and solutions.

Safety, reliability and cost-efficiency is at the heart of what we do. To learn more about superior scaffolding solutions with CPS, get in touch with our team on 07 3105 2831