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Our vision

We will raise the level of safety on construction and maintenance projects across Australia.

Our mission

We will provide our clients with a higher standard of temporary access and containment solutions through ongoing innovation in our work processes and the selection of the right material for the job.

Our Core Values

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Be Open & Honest

The most important thing for our business is the long term open and trusting relationships we have with our customers. We provide our customers with transparent project reporting fostering a culture of accountability where our people take ownership of our actions and results.

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Always reflect and innovate

The core of our operational process is taking the time to reflect on what we have been able to achieve each day. We use these experiences to refine our business processes and educate our team. By reflecting in this manner, we ensure we are innovating every day. Each time we innovate we get safer, more efficient and ultimately improve the service we offer our clients and the environment we create for our team.

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Help everyone and harm no-one

Our founding vision for the business is based on a desire to improve the safety of construction and maintenance projects across Australia. We understand that this starts with us and our proud to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in relation to job site health & safety.

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Be consistently resilient

We work in an industry where we are never fully in control. Clients, contemporaries and nature are always raising new and unexpected challenges. We need to be resilient and realise that although these challenges are not our fault, overcoming them is our responsibility. We need to own these challenges and the lessons they teach us with gratitude and resilience.

End-to-end project management

CPS Scaffolding utilises the latest 3D design tools which enables us to provide our clients with a detailed scope of work to review prior to contract and subsequently results in the minimisation of unexpected variations.

We supply directly employed workgroups that take ownership of your project as though it’s their own and bring with them a culture of zero harm to people or property and an outstanding level of attention to detail.

Our industry-leading communication between onsite and offsite project management personnel utilises cutting edge cloud-based project management and process documentation technology. This technology, coupled with our workgroups, help you stay aware and on top of your project with access to live updates, including photos and certifications sent directly to your inbox every day and for every task completed.

You’re in good company