3500 Hours Injury & Incident-Free

3,500 hours injury and incident-free isn’t a rarity at CPS. However, we think it should still be celebrated every month we achieve it.

We are leaders in safety and enjoy celebrating every time we reach our safety goals.

So far, we’ve accumulated:

  • 483 days without incident
  • 108 projects successfully completed
  • 423 constructions workers kept safe each day


CPS was founded based on this vision: 

“We will raise the level of safety on construction and maintenance projects across Australia”.

With this in mind, we elaborated on safety to form our mission statement: 

“We will provide our clients with a higher standard of temporary access and containment solutions through ongoing innovation in our work processes and the selection of the right material for the job.”


Our employees are at the heart of everything we do and that’s why safety is our number one priority.

One of our key values is to ’help everyone and harm no-one’. We do this by carrying out every project without creating negative impacts or harm to employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.

You can see all of our key values here and find out how we work towards providing the greatest scaffolding solutions in the country.

Everyone going home safe every day is something we continuously work to improve so that we can celebrate 3,500 hours injury and incident-free every month.